Video can play a strategically powerful role in any digital marketing strategy. It has the power to attract and immediately engage site visitors. It also encourage them to stay longer – around two minutes longer it’s been estimated, allowing you more time to get your message across.

Additionally, it may well have helped you to get found in the first place as search engines are well disposed towards videos, seeing them as high quality content. Correctly optimised video will significantly boost your SEO.

The popularity of video sites is already well established. Youtube is the second most trafficked site after Google.

Hubspot reports that 78% of people watch online videos every week and 55% view online videos every day.

Further, by 2020 online videos will make up more than 80% of all UK consumer internet traffic (Cisco).

The advantages of using video to put forward quite complex information are many. Firstly, in both consumer and B2B settings visitors are going to be far more attracted to watching a video than reading a long, wordy piece of text – 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text (Wordstream) and for many, it’s their preferred way of gaining information. So many site visitors will simply disengage when they see a lengthy block of text, and when this text is purely descriptive of a process or a setting, or even an ethos, the obvious answer is to show it in action where it can offer immediate impact and engagement. Well thought out video can communicate even complex information effectively, with Wirebuzz reckoning that viewers retain 95% of a message after viewing.

Video is also easy to share across all social platforms, driving people to your site and making them curious to learn more about you. Coordinating this to support and enforce other parts of your overall marketing campaign is crucial, as to be truly effective it should be an integral part of your ongoing strategy rather than  an afterthought or a ‘bolt on’. With in-house facilities to produce and edit video, as well as the skill to optimise your own, SeriousContent can help you use this valuable resource to increase visibility and engagement, build identity and provide information, and give you that essential competitive edge.

And because we can optimise the video content for you for both speed and SEO, our content will drive customers to your site and social media platforms. If you have SEO capabilities in house or use consultants, we can work harmoniously with them or if not, we can provide comprehensive SEO support.

In terms of video this means producing written transcripts which are placed on your website for search optimisation including voice search, accessibility, and as a way of introducing influential keywords into the script.

We also produce each video with the option to show ‘closed captions’ included. Originally produced to aid accessibility, closed captions are files that reflect a video’s audio track including descriptions of what may be happening on screen, and these appear usually at the bottom of the screen and synchronise with the dialogue. The files are readable by search engines again benefitting SEO greatly but they also tend to encourage visitors watch a video longer, usually to the end and they generally get more views too. In some tests on social media up to 40% more.

Our background in writing and producing commercials makes us well placed to help you communicate to influencers and customers alike.

We also optimise images for video placeholders and can provide great depth of research and analysis into the key words and meta used on the site where the video will be used. By being able to research against competitor and industry influencers we can see which terms are most persuasive and which will bring you the highest number of visitors.

We use various analytics tools and SEO tools to understand how the content performs and to improve and research key and competitor words and phrases. We look at how each is used and what will encourage the customer/visitor to make the next step.

Key tools we use include SEMRush, Yoast, MOZ, LSI Graph, Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics.

Through video content provision and SEO optimisation we enable you to provide a strong foundation for future business growth.

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

Partner in Serious Content

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