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Serious Content opened a new post production studio at The Custard Factory in Birmingham late 2018. 

We wanted to make sure that we started to be found in Birmingham and the midlands as well as London and most importantly to announce we finally had our own post production studio and could edit for other companies as well as for ourselves.

Armed with script and cameras I entered the studio with trepidation, never before had I had to film myself and then record a voice over.

It’s a breeze filming someone else and most people sound so much better than they think they do – you can tell them that but not yourself and then they leave you to edit everything – but I had to do that too. And cope with a sticking video head that would not track quite as smoothly as I wanted but I got a short video talking about the studio, a bit about its location and the kit we’ve got here. Couldn’t show the Canons as then still on back order. I’ll be honest its not my favourite clip, its not at all exciting but you can see our studio!

The video is below with a transcript of my monologue below that. By clicking the cc button on the video playbar you can elect to see the dialogue appear in closed captions too. The video is also its own page on our blog.

Welcome to our new post production studio at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. This is the area of the office set aside for editing footage and producing motion graphics and working on audio. We also have a facility to record and film interviews. And if you come here, we have a great selection of specialist coffee bars and vegetarian and street food restaurants down at ground level too.

So let’s go through the equipment available, quickly. We have two dedicated Macs with, first a Mac Pro running metal compatible Radeon RX video cards, which we use for background rendering, and a MacBook Pro with external Black Magic eGPU for editing.

We run DaVinci, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, and Ableton, with Illustrator and Photoshop for graphics. And use a Tangent Ripple for grading. Screens are correctly color balanced Asus professional monitors. The middle portrait monitor is used for scripts. Recording equipment is a mix of Tascam and Focusrite, with Rode omnidirectional, and directional reporter and camera mics. We film on a mix of Nikon DSLRs and Canon 4k-pro camcorders.

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