Serious Content were asked to create a promo video to entice potential customers add Studio 131 Fitness to their radar. 

Shot quickly with a single camera and just 2 lights, between sessions, we had to get footage quickly that would give a flavour of the gym for a business presentation. At the same time it made sense to produce something of wider value that could be used on Andy’s website and wider social media.

The clip features owner and trainer Andy and gym member Ollie going through various exercises in Ollie’s training. Like many members of the gym, Ollie joined to help with a sports injury recovery which Andy successfully sorted and now carried on to reach his fitness goals. The short dialogue just before the final logo reveal explains the name and the strategy of working muscles across three planes of movement. One body, three ranges of movement, one result.

We added suitably inspirational music and motion graphics to the video, showing the equipment with a predominantly red filter to reflect the image of his website.

The video is below with a transcript of the dialogue below that. By clicking the cc button on the video playbar you can elect to see the dialogue appear in closed captions too, but on this clip the dialogue is short and only starts just after a minute of filming.


The whole idea in our training is just to get every muscle working as much as we can. So by doing the normal textbook routines, you get the muscles in one plane all the time. But your body works in three different planes, so by doing variations, we try to work through those different planes of movement.

And that is the OneThreeOne?

That is why it’s called OneThreeOne. So the one body, three ranges of movement, one result. Cool. (to Ollie) You can stop now.


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