Serious Content is part of SEO and technical audit consultancy, Houndstreet SEO 

We started writing commercials, moved into scriptwriting which led to video production, but being good at video editing took us down a parallel path too, via Flash development and a good understanding of consumer behaviour, we ended up coding for retail web sites and got extremely good at delivering results through organic search.

Houndstreet as it was then known, became primarily a programming company but the deliverables were site performance and SEO. With a growth in interest in video, we began to see our video content delivering up to double visitor numbers on retail sites with relatively small costs. But against that in the retail sector, traditional organic search has been getting harder and harder to deliver traction without a clients major investment in social media, channel integration and digital intelligence. So we separated out Serious Content to provide that SEO focussed video content as that was where we could make the biggest difference.

But what to do with a very good programming and traditional SEO firm? Test new markets, do our research and identify where our strengths would benefit businesses most and still offer real value.

We built a site outlining various related services and built a flexible text based motion graphic to feature on it, and related animated gifs for promotions. As services began to get interest we were able to revise the animation to promote those over others; digital intelligence and channel integrations were clearly too costly for most businesses, progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages are only slowly gaining converts in the UK and digital asset management really belongs within Serious Content. And so the animation changes again.

And a clear path has emerged, via technical audits (usually through business marketing video briefs) we’ve see a real opportunity to bring the skills from getting image laden retail sites to load in a couple of seconds and connected with their customers and influencers, to B2B markets.

So Houndstreet is expanding from retail into B2B as well where you can still make real headway with organic search, but more importantly, through good technical SEO.

And if you add video to the mix, it gets better still. The combination of good, well researched SEO and engaging content, underpinned by fast, secure and tactical code can deliver more profit and more performance.

You can visit HoundstreetSEO and read about the services we offer.

The animation has gone though now, and is being replaced with more video and animations, including the one at the top of this page.

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