SEO: The messenger and the message

Looking through copywriting websites the other day I was struck by how much excellent online written content is available now, both from freelancers and companies.

Readable, clear, inventive and informative this copy struck just the right tone and was so much more digestible than some online articles I’d been reading, making a clear case for utilising professional writers.

Writers with marketing credentials are particularly valuable as, in addition to providing persuasive copy, they have a firm grasp of how to produce relevant content targeted to a specific audience and how to optimise it. A skilled writer uses keywords intelligently, weaving them into interesting, readable copy and knows how to build good quality links through informative premium content.

Consistency of tone is essential in communicating a company’s identity across all written communications. When a tone of voice is identifiable as belonging to a particular company and chimes with the audience perception of that company and its products a powerful marketing influence is at play.

Having an outside perspective on your company, someone who is impartial enough to see the strengths and potential weaknesses of what’s on offer can also help. Companies can often flounder in producing, for instance, web copy. They presume everyone knows what they know, or feel so passionately about their business that it’s hard to find the right balance in tone, producing either bland objectivity or wild enthusiasm.

It’s hard to write about your business when you have so much invested in it, better to have a cool professional eye take in and put forward your strengths.

Finally, SEO in 2019 demands an awful lot of top quality content, involving huge amounts of time and effort if it is to be done properly. It can be an invaluable aid to outsource all or part of your requirement for written content to trusted specialists in order to maintain both quality and quantity.

Serious Content provides top quality written content through our network of skilled scriptwriters and copywriters covering all business sectors. Because we keep our overheads low we can utilise the best talent and manage all aspects so that written content fits seamlessly into your overall SEO strategy.

Published by Julia Ruskin

Senior researcher and writer at Serious Content