Video is a great tool to engage site visitors. It captures the imagination and allows a visual message establish and then reinforce core messages.

The clip below is from an older intro video to highlight some of the additional services our technical SEO business, Houndstreet SEO, offers. It’s all about data and drawing insights from listening, secure hosting and managing digital assets. These are the background services we use ourselves to make our videos load fast, get found and attract the right audiences but its not usually sexy talking about data, hopefully this gets it over in a manner which will encourage response.

We also regularly take frame captures from within After Effects to create graphics for sites, promotions and landing pages, and manipulated in Photoshop and Illustrator for print media .

This helps keep our clients messages consistent and helps reduce production time costs by re-using the original media created for video when appropriate.

Another good way to maximise the value from footage and or graphics is to use in cinemagraphs – we show three examples in this post including one using simplified graphics from the above motion graphic.

You can read about our post production services.

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