Claudio Lugli shirts are not for the shy, retiring type

As well as the sophisticated yet understated English style of John Smedley, Ali sells amazing Claudio Lugli shirts in his Bath store Gabucci. He talked a little about the colourful and witty brand and why it is so popular.

The beauty of these videos is that for anyone new to Bath, or nearby Bristol, looking for a menswear store, a quick peruse of the site will give you enough a feel for this boutique to know if it is for you.

It is pretty unique, welcoming and full of colour and style. Ali has a very loyal customer base with new visitors quickly becoming regular customers too.

The problem in Bath is that there are a handful of very good stores, each with a loyal customer base quite unlikely to cross the freehold of one of the other upmarket menswear stores. So part of the strategy behind these videos is to show those other consumers what they are missing, and tempt them in.

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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