Part two of a two series video for Grove Garage where we run through the process of a motorcycle MOT using a stunning Harley Davidson Breakout.

The first video looks at all the services from general garage to 4×4’s and classic cars fro Grove Garage near Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire, but the second video concentrates on the process of an MOT for motorcycles and in this case a Harley Davidson.

Video makes it so easy to show what you do, demonstrate that you feel some passion and pride in your work/service or products, and give your customers faith in that.

It always amazes us that so few businesses, big or small, use video to engage with their customers when there is no easier way to show exactly what you do and who you are!

The above video, along with the main longer video for Grove Garage was shot in a morning and a rough cut presented a day later at which time we recorded audio over the footage and then added to the final cut with some background music. We even built the website and within a couple of weeks new customers started to come.

And we don’t even have to shoot it. We can edit footage you supply, whether from a freelance cameraman or even taken on your phone, we usually surpass expectations especially when asked to fix something you hadn’t expected to find. Our post on removing banding is a good example of that.

Call us or drop us a line, we always try our best to help.

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