Serious Content provide post production services for other companies and also individuals.

We work with everything from footage and audio from phones through DSLR to pro, working to create the right composition, mixing music and of course fixing issues.

The main ones of those are removing unwanted sounds, reducing echo and enhancing and balancing voices, repairing vocals to keep a singer in tune and then we come to lighting.

We match and improve colour and exposure across numerous clips to deliver a cohesive look across the final production. And we fix irritating effects that just weren’t planned. One in particular is banding. If you are using any form of artificial lighting especially when filming away from the studio, you have to ensure your frame rate matches whatever lighting you are faced with.

The clip above has been anonymised for confidentiality but features workers in an engineering company assembling products. Unfortunately the company that shot it didn’t match their filming frame rate to the factory lights and got severe banding across the footage as a result.

We were asked if we could save the footage and so we sorted the frame rate issue removing the banding, which turned out to be quite a lengthy process, and we also changed the exposure levels and colour balanced to improve the look of the footage.

As we didn’t shoot it and aren’t responsible for the final edit, we’ve just shown a tiny section of the back wall as pretty anonymous, hence it is a bit grainy but hopefully this demonstrates what we can do.

We can tackle big and small jobs – this was supposed to be irretrievable!

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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