Serious Content are working with a new client on technical SEO and content and using video to visually differentiate sectors.

We have a new client operating in various industrial and technical markets that we hope to show new original footage for in our September/October showreel, but for now we are concentrating on technical SEO.

And as part of a process of speeding up their sites, we are replacing slow javascript based sliders with video. Ultimately this will be original footage but for now we’ve scoured various libraries for clips of 3d printing, dentistry, medical procedures (and yes it does involve a needle but we cut the edit just before it went in), aerated water, some with and some with out fish and finally beer being pulled.

We’ve added a little motion graphic effect to the text but otherwise this is a simple but effective header that demonstrates the sectors well, is fast to load and pretty inexpensive to produce.

We ensure the footage we build into your projects, meets all legal requirements and the same goes for any music we use.

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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