Engaging with your target audience is crucial.

Dwell Time – the time a visitor spends on your site – is important in terms of SEO. It’s widely known that a website visitor gives your site between 5-15 seconds to find what they are looking for.

They will remain if they find content that is informative, interesting and appealing. The longer they remain the more likely they are to engage with the site by making a purchase, signing up to a newsletter, requesting a sample, making a mental note to return, and so on.

Search engines see that people are finding your site relevant and useful and so rank it higher.

Good content provision is also essential in attracting backlinks. Good quality backlinks show search engines that your site has authority – again, a positive factor in rankings.

Serious Content provides original content. Whatever your requirements we work with you to enable you to show regular fresh relevant content that is essential for you to attract and retain your target audience.

Published by Julia Ruskin

Senior researcher and writer at Serious Content