Production of 17 videos for SEO and FAQ

Having created an event video and shot lots of product video for Hamlingtons in Warwick, we filmed the partners talking together to create a series of clips that explained the various services offered and to bring key words into the closed captions that were going to help them get found online.

Hamlingtons are justifiably proud of their Birmingham Jewellery Quarter background and history and the above clips talks about the service they have brought and how they are working to make it even more personal.

The store has an excellent reputation in the town but Warwick isn’t seen as a jewellery shopping destination, so a key function of the videos was to address that and talk about Hamlingtons in relation to other locations, much more likely to be searched for jewellery purchases.

In the end we produced 17 videos covering a wide range of topics relevant to the store and to their customers. The plan is to use these as inter or explainer videos for product or service sections and within an FAQ section on their site, on their YouTube channel, for PR and to cut for smaller clips and use throughout their social media as opportunities arise.

Clips include investing in Rolex, vintage jewellery, choosing a bespoke engagement ring, choosing diamonds and trading jewellery you no longer want against new. They make a very good case for maximising the value of unwanted, quality jewellery.

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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