Maybe £100,000 of jewellery shot as bokeh and tracking clips

I used to work with one of the big art galleries in Piccadilly and regularly handled (very carefully) original masters which were staggering and not just because of their value, it was an honour to be able to shoot them.

In terms of financial value, this shoot got close with 20 beautiful items each worth at least £3000, shot as bokeh and as tracking clips for product pages and transitions for Hamlingtons. Whilst it was a pleasure to shoot and the pieces are beautiful and the craftsman ship Hamlingtons displays is quite stunning, the value of the pieces did cause me quite a problem.

I had to shoot on site on a very rickety floor above the store, because of the value they weren’t insured for me to take that value of goods away to my studio to shoot. I’m insured for £1,000,000 but that made no difference, they weren’t leaving the premises!

I think the end result is excellent but I had to do retake after retake to get them, the tiniest vibration makes such a difference.

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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