B-roll is extra footage and invaluable when you come to edit

If you’re shooting video for marketing, training or any other purpose, it is always a good idea to shoot extra footage, which you can use in various ways once you begin the edit.

Introductions, transitions and just adding the extra scene, all from your B-roll video footage, can make all the difference to how a finished video will look and how engaging it is.

We recently shot an event at very short notice for a jeweller in Warwick and got as much additional footage as possible during the event. We were just supposed to film inside but grabbing footage from the outside really set the scene and we used photography and short clips as transitions to make the most of the production. That made the final clip engaging and much more informative to the audience too.

Warwick's major opening Hamlingtons Jewellers for video, shot by Serious Content, London

From that event we were commissioned to produce footage for them to edit and reuse across their website and social media. As part of that we created the short intro in the clip above, placing them in the town and leading to the store, again from extra footage.

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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