We explain our approach to Video SEO and getting a video found by the right audience.

To put it in plain words – on-site video marketing without video schema markup is simply a waste of time.


We specialise in fully optimising video so that it is easy for search engines to crawl and index leading to higher rankings. We can either work on existing video or create entertaining and relevant videos ourselves. Either way, our videos appeal to both search engines and the target audience, ensuring that they get found. With more and more videos being produced it is essential that to constitute an effective ROI videos need to be viewed by a significant number of the prospective audience.

We carry out online research in order to find keywords and phrases and to identify user intent in order to inform the direction of videos in terms of both overall content and scripting. We do this by utilising a mixture of online tools and analysis, online competitor research and also by identifying specific queries. Our videos contain discrete qualified keywords and phrases that are woven into an entertaining narrative, whilst also answering the requirements of search engines. This provides the narrative framework for both individual videos and an overall campaign strategy.

We post video online across social media, including IGTV and TikTok, websites and YouTube channels with transcripts, open and closed captions as required, and produce schema (rich snippets) and XML to submit to search engines, or provide the files you need to submit yourselves. 

We produce everything in the appropriate recommended format i.e. schema for Google as JSON-LD or VideoObject, ‘open comments’ for IGTV etc so that there is no need to code anything, just add to your sites and social media. 

We can also edit existing underperforming video, including bringing in scripted voice over and captions, and then optimise in exactly the same way to really boost their performance.

About underrated SEO tactics:

<…>Video content is a great way to drive engagement and help your SEO efforts.
But from an organic search point of view, the video format has a few issues, especially if you’re not hosting your video content on YouTube. The biggest issue is that Google can’t really understand the content within a video. One way to maximise the number of keywords that your video content can rank for is to create full-text transcripts to accompany them.

From an interview with Omi Sido on Sitechecker>> https://sitechecker.pro/interview-omi-sido/

We can add transcripts as full text and add to a post as below but also we can add as a ‘parameter’ to the schema. This creates a rich snippet of great SEO value. Unlike the description, limited to 160 characters, we can add a full transcript to a site’s schema.

NB the above video is the social media version of our introduction video on the home page. That one is embedded but this is hosted on Vimeo and has a different end frame and an audio track. At the time of writing this, the audio isn’t ready but will be added shortly.

Transcript below

We ask questions

Identify the audience

Identify what they are searching for

Online, social media, YouTube

Using digital and traditional research

SEO tools & analysis

Next we..

Script, film, edit

and optimise!

Telling the stories that actually answer search queries

And tell the search engines they are there

.. just how?

Combining video SEO & technical SEO

.. with

Schema, closed captions, SRT, transcripts, endscreens, tags, open captions, titles, cards, XML, landing pages, calls to action

.. it works

.. it delivers

Better ROI, more backlinks, conversions, likes & follows

making video visible

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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