Our Showreel

Serious Content Showreel

Take a look at our showreel to get a feel for what we do and see some of what we’ve done over the past few months.

The work covers retail clients in jewellery and fashion, fitness with gym and personal coach, garages with a Harley Davidson being MOT’d and Land Rovers worked on. There are also musicians recording and bands at events, opening ceremonies, a bit of B-roll and some example fixes to issues such as banding, in post production.

Also city scapes, a couple of our animations and lots of footage taken on construction sites. The end frame is relaxing at Birling Gap in Sussex watching two gull chicks harass their mother in front of a beautiful sunset.

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An introduction to video SEO and how we get your video found

We explain our approach to Video SEO and getting a video found by the right audience.

To put it in plain words – on-site video marketing without video schema markup is simply a waste of time.


We specialise in fully optimising video so that it is easy for search engines to crawl and index leading to higher rankings. We can either work on existing video or create entertaining and relevant videos ourselves. Either way, our videos appeal to both search engines and the target audience, ensuring that they get found. With more and more videos being produced it is essential that to constitute an effective ROI videos need to be viewed by a significant number of the prospective audience.

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Everyone needs a bit of B-roll

B-roll is extra footage and invaluable when you come to edit

If you’re shooting video for marketing, training or any other purpose, it is always a good idea to shoot extra footage, which you can use in various ways once you begin the edit.

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BERT and VideoBERT, Google’s latest algorithm and predictive video search

BERT and VideoBERT

BERT is the latest, important, upgrade to Google’s search algorithm. It is bringing machine learning algorithm’s understanding of content and context much closer to ours with the result that searches will be better, closer to what we are actually asking for and crucially, much more dependant on good content, both written and video.

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Custom Gutenberg Blocks project

Technical SEO with SASS and custom Gutenberg Blocks

We were asked to add functionality to a series of sites for a distributer of compressed air systems to enable them show supplier video headers at full screen width.

When we looked at the sites, we discovered that they were hosted in the US and search engines told they were for a US not UK business, worse still they loaded in an average of 17 seconds and were getting a bounce rate sometimes as high as 100%.

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BERT’s understanding of context is much closer to ours

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

Lynne Truss Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss is famous for explaining punctuation and pointing out how a simple comma can change the context of a sentence completely. If it’s hard for us, how hard is it for search engines?

BERT is Google’s latest search algorithm and it marks a huge step forward in understanding content and context, both in text and optimised video.

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Technical SEO – what is involved?

Technical SEO for speed and engagement.

Technical SEO forms the foundation of SEO,  it means your website is constructed correctly to allow SEO to happen – there are no errors, conflicts or duplications. Not unlike sifting flour, you’re getting rid of anything that will slow things down.

It also takes the form of ongoing work, ensuring you stay engaged with your target audience.

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Individual jewellery clips

Maybe £100,000 of jewellery shot as bokeh and tracking clips

I used to work with one of the big art galleries in Piccadilly and regularly handled (very carefully) original masters which were staggering and not just because of their value, it was an honour to be able to shoot them.

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Sustainable men’s fashion at Gabucci

Gabucci stocking sustainable men’s fashion

We produce video and photography content for Gabucci but also write a few blog posts relevant to his market and the labels he sells. This season no exception except for the growing interest in sustainability and traceability in fashion that is really great to see.

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Bringing the Jewellery Quarter to Warwick

Production of 17 videos for SEO and FAQ

Having created an event video and shot lots of product video for Hamlingtons in Warwick, we filmed the partners talking together to create a series of clips that explained the various services offered and to bring key words into the closed captions that were going to help them get found online.

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Serious Content are working with 2 CAA approved drone companies

Dog and drone

We are starting to get lots of requests for drone footage, particularly in construction and have looked for people we can work with to provide that.

Very pleased to say we have found two companies, both CAA approved that we will use for forthcoming filming.

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