Major of Warwick opening Hamlington’s new store

Serious Content filmed the launch of the newly expanded store for upmarket jewellers, Hamlington’s in Warwick

Hamlington’s is a very stylish jewellers in the heart of historic Warwick. They have expanded their premises to create a large, prestigious showroom, private viewing rooms and workshop over three floors.

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Explaining an unusual level of service

Gabucci bespoke suits and shirts

One of the benefits of filming is the discussions about a business’s market and service that tends to come out as part of the process.

Shooting this season’s suits and shirts for a promotion for Gabucci, owner Ali mentioned that most of the suits and shirts he sells are pretty unique in that he specifies the fabric, the buttons and colours, and he then has them altered to give a perfect fit. I’ve been a customer for years and never knew that.

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John Smedley product video for Gabucci

Gabucci marketing video talking about the John Smedley brand

As part of a series of videos Serious Content produced for Gabucci this spring, we focussed on two key brands, John Smedley and Claudio Lugli which really represent both ends of the fashion spectrum that Gabucci offer.

Both are brands that offer superb style and are lovingly made from the finest fabrics. Of the two English, brand John Smedley is the refined, subtle, understated option.

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Spring 2019 quick showreel

We’ve just put together our second quick showreel showing our favourite clips from this spring.

Our first showreel from last Autumn covered lots of filming in the construction industry and in fitness and music. This time we’re covering a series of marketing films for Gabucci in Bath, introducing the store, covering the key brands and talking in detail about their tailoring services.

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Video headers to differentiate business sectors

Serious Content are working with a new client on technical SEO and content and using video to visually differentiate sectors.

We have a new client operating in various industrial and technical markets that we hope to show new original footage for in our September/October showreel, but for now we are concentrating on technical SEO.

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Removing banding and other post production techniques

Serious Content provide post production services for other companies and also individuals.

We work with everything from footage and audio from phones through DSLR to pro, working to create the right composition, mixing music and of course fixing issues.

The main ones of those are removing unwanted sounds, reducing echo and enhancing and balancing voices, repairing vocals to keep a singer in tune and then we come to lighting.

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Harley Davidson MOT

Part two of a two series video for Grove Garage where we run through the process of a motorcycle MOT using a stunning Harley Davidson Breakout.

The first video looks at all the services from general garage to 4×4’s and classic cars fro Grove Garage near Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire, but the second video concentrates on the process of an MOT for motorcycles and in this case a Harley Davidson.

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Video and website for local garage

Serious Content were asked to produce a simple website for a local garage to announce that they were starting to MOT motorcycles.

The garage has a great reputation for looking after customers and has been regularly booked up a week in advance for with the same familiar customers.

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Motion graphics for a programming firm

Serious Content is part of SEO and technical audit consultancy, Houndstreet SEO 

We started writing commercials, moved into scriptwriting which led to video production, but being good at video editing took us down a parallel path too, via Flash development and a good understanding of consumer behaviour, we ended up coding for retail web sites and got extremely good at delivering results through organic search.

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Making a fitness promo

Serious Content were asked to create a promo video to entice potential customers add Studio 131 Fitness to their radar. 

Shot quickly with a single camera and just 2 lights, between sessions, we had to get footage quickly that would give a flavour of the gym for a business presentation. At the same time it made sense to produce something of wider value that could be used on Andy’s website and wider social media.

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Video Graphics

Video is a great tool to engage site visitors. It captures the imagination and allows a visual message establish and then reinforce core messages.

The clip below is from an older intro video to highlight some of the additional services our technical SEO business, Houndstreet SEO, offers. It’s all about data and drawing insights from listening, secure hosting and managing digital assets. These are the background services we use ourselves to make our videos load fast, get found and attract the right audiences but its not usually sexy talking about data, hopefully this gets it over in a manner which will encourage response.

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