Making a construction industry video

Serious Content were commissioned to produce a video to introduce potential apprentices to both the construction industry and J A Burke Construction themselves. 

We conceived the video to be shot entirely on location at live building sites around the West Midlands and to film exclusively staff and subcontractors of J A Burke. The interviews were shot in quite noisy and dusty circumstances but you get the real experience of being on a busy construction site.

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Series of menswear marketing videos for Gabucci

Serious content have just produced a series of 6 marketing videos for Gabucci menswear in Bath.

Shot in a single day along with a photoshoot of suits and shirts, we have produced an introduction video for the home page, a series of three videos about their tailoring and bespoke services and two further videos introducing their main brands, Claudio Lugli and John Smedley.

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Producing a location video for local SEO

Location video for local SEO

Serious Content opened a new post production studio at The Custard Factory in Birmingham late 2018. 

We wanted to make sure that we started to be found in Birmingham and the midlands as well as London and most importantly to announce we finally had our own post production studio and could edit for other companies as well as for ourselves.

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Closed captions add SEO capability to your video

There are many reasons to add closed captions to your video content in terms of both user experience and SEO.

Using closed captions is one of the best ways to make sure your video is found and that users engage with it.

Put simply, closed captions allow the visitor to read the dialogue on screen, the files we produce to enable this are also read by search engines.

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Your website looks good but is it performing?

How is your website performing?

Consideration of the following 5 basic criteria can help you decide whether your existing website not only looks good but is also performing as well as it should be.

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When to use an animated gif or a cinemagraph

Brilliant for social media, animated gifs and cinemagraphs are ideal means to convey some fast loading information or just capture the visitor’s imagination.

Gifs are essentially small compressed image files that make up a short sequence. Once made they can be uploaded wherever you want and will automatically loop continually.

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Our new Custard Factory post production studio

We have now opened our post production studio at Zellig in the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham.

A light, spacious studio with easy access to Moor Street and New Street stations. Lots of great restaurants, plenty of parking.

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Video and customer engagement

In today’s competitive market businesses need to engage effectively with both prospective and existing customers.

The use of websites and social media facilitates this engagement and the provision of entertaining content that reflects your business is a necessity in establishing a presence and helping you get found.

Video plays an essential role in this process.

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Quick showreel added

Our quick showreel gives a taste of the filming from the last few weeks.

Our background is in commercials, writing, casting and editing, then to corporate and event video. More recently we’ve been producing product videos in fashion, particularly jewellery and also working with interior designers on filming interiors so it was quite a change to find ourselves on building sites this summer. Apart from keeping the dust out of the cameras it was a great experience and we got some excellent footage, including filming a supermarket concrete floor being laid.

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Apprentice video in the construction industry

We used video with new client J A Burke to encourage young people look at the construction industry as a career, and an apprenticeship as a good way in.

We wanted to convey a number of things in this video for J A Burke, a well known and respected West Midlands groundworks company.

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Time-lapse and stock video

Video captures the imagination and can really drive a promotional message home.

There is also a wealth of ‘trickery’ we can add to spice up quite mundane images to bring or create life in a clip. Time-lapse is a great example of this and this is one we’ve used ourselves successfully.

‘And repeat …’was the message we used with this time-lapse video to promote a weekly social media offering we ran when we were based in Shoreditch.

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