Relaunch of video services

New website built for our video production company in London and Hereford

Relaunch of video services I am properly relaunching my video production company I’ve shot some interviews and created commercials and explainer videos using stock footage with voice overs during the last couple of years but nothing compared to the projects that were planned before the pandemic. I’ve also teamed up with a good friend […]

Faster, more secure site for Gabucci

New website built for Gabucci, a fashion store in Bath

Faster, more secure site for Gabucci Gabucci has always had a loyal customer base who enjoyed visiting the store  and the service they received but during the pandemic, we needed to deliver a different service and created a new site to encourage online sales. We launched a site a year ago which was much more […]

SEO Basics and Beyond

SEO basics and beyond

SEO Basics and Beyond I’ve added a fairly short clip talking about helping with basic SEO, beyond the Schema and video SEO we offer as part of what we do as As part of researching any content or script for you we would look closely at your key words and long tail keywords (phrases) […]

Schema Requirements

schema services

Schema requirements I’ve added another clip talking about Schema and this must cover information already detailed over and over as Schema is a big part of what we do. This is nice and short and talks about adding Schema to localise your business and to give information about the business through FAQ and also what […]

New web site for Gabucci

New mobile friendly and Video SEO friendly site for Gabucci Bath

New site designed for video SEO. I’m concentrating on producing video that is optimised for search optimisation and as such is coded to be read by Google and other search engines. This is often going to involve building web sites to deliver the video and to run the principle code, Schema, to ensure they get […]

Talent; celebrities, influencers and TikTok stars.

Adobe stock image of celebrity

Talent; celebrities, influencers and TikTok stars. A great way to engage with an audience is to bring in a personality they know and relate to. I’ve worked with A list celebrities, personalities, comedians and sports stars for major ad agencies internationally but also bands and sports clubs regionally in the UK. Finding the right person […]

Web and Video Analytics

web and video analytics

Web and Video Analytics Where videos are streamed we provide detailed information on views and impressions. As part of our services where we host and manage sites as well as the video, especially where we are involved in the SEO, we provide in depth analytics of how everything is performing.           […]