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Digital engagement - Hound Street, Birmingham and London 0121 396 1205
Digital engagement - Hound Street, Birmingham and London 0121 396 1205

Digital engagement

Digital engagement defines an ongoing online relationship between a business and customer.

If we can engage a customer properly their value to a business increases. Spend is increased and attrition is reduced and in each case this can be by more than 50% according to Gallup.

We therefore look to set a strategy for reaching out to customers and interested parties in a way that will capture their interest fully and get them to engage. Once onboard, we want to keep them feeling positive towards the business. This applies to services as much as products and also to the perception of a local or national business within a community.

The approach generally means reaching out through blogs, the website, apps, social media, PR, organic search, paid advertising and email marketing. It needs to be consistent and managed. One negative experience can be enough to damage a potentially valuable relationship.

We look at who the customer is and any other parties we need to consider.

We can undertake analysis of existing customer data and combine with online or traditional research to build a profile of customer types and their likely triggers. We can then track and adjust this through ongoing analysis of customer responses.

We create content that is relevant and appealing.

Producing unique, compelling visual content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is essential. Producing ‘white papers’ and value added information for LinkedIn, blogs and press is also highly valuable. We can help produce specific content for your audience and look at creating digital assets (and if required build a digital library through unique photography and video.)

We learn to understand when, and how, to reach them. i.e. the ‘touch points’ when our approach can make a valued difference.

We use digital intelligence (metrics and data) such as we collect from using Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixel and our progressive web apps to track and target customers and pinpoint opportunities. We can do this at various levels right through to real time, granular customer level to deliver genuine personalised content.