Video SEO

Video marketing SEO

Adding video to your site and social media is going to have a positive effect on your SEO but as more businesses add video to their sites, the more important it becomes to ensure your video ranks well.

It is predicted that 80% of web traffic will be made up of video by 2021 so we make engaging content that loads fast and is properly optimised for video SEO.

Research, research, research

Video uses keywords and phrases like any other content but we have to apply the information differently. We research the content, including keywords, we want to incorporate into scripts against competitor and industry influencers just as we do with written content.

Closed caption files and transcripts allow search engines ‘see’ your video too

The difference comes in post production where, as well as producing the video itself, we produce transcripts of the dialogue to add to the site as text, and optimised video image placeholders. We also produce closed caption files which are hosted with the video and have two functions. They give the viewer the option to view a synchronised display of the script and any key activity shown on screen. The files produced to achieve this are readable by search engines and contain the same key words as the script and transcript, reinforcing those keywords again and helping your ranking.

The files also help viewers engage with the video and increase both views and the length of time they spend watching the video, very important as your call to action and logo probably appear at the end!

Your video across social media

We can also advise on disseminating your video across social media and how to submit video on your site to Google and Bing. We can advise on setting up and maintaining a YouTube channel and using Facebook Pixel to understand how the social media platform interacts with your site visitors.

Hosting and Digital Asset Management Services

Video production is at the heart of what we do but it is only a part. For the videos to deliver they need to get found. We build in as much SEO provision as we can and advise how to use on your site, and we can also help you with wider SEO consultancy including technical and content audits, and customer intent research to guide content provision for websites and social media.

We carefully research keywords and phrases against competitor and industry influencers to help search optimisation and convey a positive impression of the company, and we also pay particular attention to researching the local queries search engines are asked in your sector. Through research, we can see what questions should be answered in video and what is likely to fit a search query best, which terms are going to be most persuasive and which would attract the most relevant visitors.

Some of the SEO tools we use

Key research, analytics and SEO tools we use include SEMRushYoastMOZLSI Graph, Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics.

We can also help manage your digital assets and can provide hosting on secure, fast corporate level servers to ensure your site performs at its best.