Serious Content were asked to produce a simple website for a local garage to announce that they were starting to MOT motorcycles.

The garage has a great reputation for looking after customers and has been regularly booked up a week in advance for with the same familiar customers.

That in itself was great but the introduction of a new service close to their hearts was going to be a bit of a problem as most motorcyclists wouldn’t be expecting them offer the service.

Grove Garage in Ebrington fixed my business partner’s Volvo’s turbo when non one else seemed to have a clue and we got talking. The upshot was that we built them a very simple website outlining their services and specialisations, they know 4×4’s inside out and are trusted with lots of expensive classic cars, so there was lots to mention in addition to the bikes.

And we added a two part video we shot on their premises which we featured on the home page covering the broad range of services leading into the motorbike MOT service, which they demonstrated on a customer’s stunning Harley Davidson.

The audio features the two mechanics talking about what we filmed a couple of days later, while watching the footage. It’s a very relaxed and easy way to create dialogue that is honest and engaging where the time and need for a script isn’t really there.

Within a couple of weeks of launch new customers have started coming which is great and now they are booked up two weeks in advance and have the option to be more selective on projects they take, and build the motorcycle side of the business.

Its a good example of combining a simple site that is still fast, secure and a pleasure to use with informative and engaging video.

The second video is here and that concentrates just on the motorcycle services.

Published by Nicholas Bradshaw

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